How To Play

Check out the FAQ for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.


To enter, fill out the free registration form on After registering, you are ready for Fantasy Fishing Challenge. A valid email address and password will be used as an identifier to log in to game play and to keep track of your team’s score and standing. You will be able to see your team’s score any time you return to the game with your email and password.

Assembling your Team

To assemble your team, click the ‘Set Your Buckets’ button on the home page. Next, select an angler slot in the ‘Available Anglers’ panel on the right side of the screen. Then, select an individual angler from the free agent list by clicking the green + button icon next to his name. Repeat the process until you have selected five (5) anglers (one from each group). Adds and drops are saved automatically.

Setting your Tie-breaker

Enter a tie-breaker guess at the bottom of the ‘Roster’ panel on the left side of the My Team page. Click the ‘Edit’ button and enter your estimate for how much weight for the full tournament, in pounds and ounces, that the winner will catch. Then click the ‘Save’ button.

Changing Anglers

After completing your team, you can still change anglers each week as you set your strategy for that week’s tournament. To alter your roster, click on the red ‘-‘ Drop buttons to the right of the anglers in the ‘Roster’ panel on your My Team page. Choose your replacements from the free agency list of available anglers in order to add or drop an angler from your current roster in the same transaction. All roster changes must be completed by the scheduled tournament start time (approximately 6:00am).

Creating or Joining a Group (Optional)

You have the option to group yourself with friends, co-workers, or completely random fans by joining or creating a group. Within each group, your entry will be automatically ranked. Most of the groups in the game are public and can be joined at any time. If you want to play with a specific group of people you know, create a private group and make it only accessible to those whom you have given the group password. The creator of a group sets the group’s name, motto, image, message and password (only if private). More information is in the Group Directory page. There is no prize awarded for being the top entrant in your group.