Frequently Asked Questions - Drain the Lake

Q: How do I select a team of anglers?

A: To assemble your team, first select an angler slot in the ‘Available Anglers’ panel on the right side of the screen. Then, select an individual angler from the list by clicking the green + button icon next to his name. Repeat the process until you have selected eight (8) anglers. Adds and drops are saved automatically.

Q: How do I change anglers?

A: After completing your team, you can still change anglers each week as you set your strategy for that week’s tournament. To alter your roster, click on the red ‘-‘ Drop buttons to the right of the anglers in the ‘Roster’ panel on your My Team page. Choose your replacements from the list of available anglers in order to add or drop an angler from your current roster in the same transaction. All roster changes must be completed by the scheduled tournament start time (approximately 6:00am).

Q: How do I set a tie-breaker?

A: Enter a tie-breaker guess at the bottom of the ‘Roster’ panel on the left side of the My Team page. Click the ‘Edit’ button and enter your estimate for how much weight for the full tournament, in pounds and ounces, that the winner will catch. Then click the ‘Save’ button.

Q: How do my angler score points based on their tournament performance?

A: Each angler will have points added or deducted based on his or her selected Team members’ performance using the Bassmaster Angler of the Year standings. The standings are determined by a system that awards points based on final standings in each Bassmaster Elite Series event and the Bassmaster Classic.

Q: What are Groups?

A: With hundreds of thousands of users playing Drain the lake, we want to make it as easy and logical as possible to keep track of things. That’s one of the popular aspects of playing in a group format. Groups allow the participants to join together and play against a smaller group of competing users. Whether you want to challenge friends, co-workers or schoolmates, competing in a group can add some extra excitement to the game. Go to the Group Directory to find a group or to create your own.

Q: What is the Group Directory?

A: The Group Directory displays all the groups that have been formed in Drain the Lake or in the Fantasy Fishing Challenge. Groups allow participants of the game to compete against each other and the Group Directory makes it easy to find a specific group.

Q: How do I join a group?

A: Use the Group Directory to find a group that you like. When you find a group, click on the Group’s name and press the “Join Group” button that is on the group page. It’s easy to do, and you can always move to another group later if you wish. You can join a maximum of 3 groups per entry.

Q: How do I search for a specific group?

A: If you know the name of the group that you are searching for, type the initial starting letters of the group name at the top of the Group Directory in the search field. Select the group you are looking to join from the list that is created.

Q: How can I control access to a group?

A: Groups can be public or private in Drain the Lake. This means that you can open the group up to the general public, or choose to limit it to only those teams you which to compete against. If you make a public group, give it a name that identifies it to the type of members that you are trying to attract. For example, fans of Chris Zaldain might call their group “ZaldainFans” while fans of Greg Hackney might elect to go with “The Hack Attacks.”

Q: How do I link to an image on the Internet for my group?

A: Find an image on the Internet you wish to use as your group image. Right click on this image, and then left click on properties in the pop up menu. In the properties window, highlight the address (URL). Right click on the highlighted URL and left click on copy in the pop up menu. On the Create a Group page (or the Update Group page), paste the URL into the text box for the “Image URL.” Once you have finished setting up your group, click on the “Create/Update Group” button.